The basic idea to design the E-Funnel for transport vehicles is to keep track of the fuel fill up and fuel usage of vehicles even if they are far away. E-Funnel can be used anywhere anytime, no matter where you are, at a highway or on a mountain. It’s easy-to-use design helps the user to operate it anytime anywhere. You just need it to power it up by 12 V DC supply and make sure that there is availability of cellular network. And that’s it you are ready to go. Available models for bus:

  • E-Funnel integrated with GSM module.
  • E-Funnel integrated with GSM and GPS module.

Its cylindrical design fits over the fuel tank firmly.
It efficiently gauges the diesel till last drop, accurately with only 1% error rate.
The casing material of the funnel makes it weather proof. Whatever be the climatic condition, E-Funnel achieves it’s goal.
Access all the data by just a touch to your smart phone.
Availability of cellular network is necessary.